Dressage Arena Mirrors


Horse Arena Installation Procedure

We at Gigantic Mirrors frequently provide mirrors for dressage arenas. The first step in the process is to decide how wide you would like to have your mirrors. Typically, our customers will choose to have approximately 25′ on the short end of their arena and 33′ on the adjacent long side. If this is how you choose to place and arrange the mirrors, your price is based on 7 sheets of 6′ x 8′ mirrors installed at $349 for each sheet for a total of $2443. Each individual arena is different and will not necessarily use this amount of mirrors.

The next step is the construction of the walls for the mirrors to be glued on to. This is something that the customer will have to have completed before the mirror crew shows up. Gigantic Mirrors does not provide this service.

Your wall should be constructed just above your kickboard (4′ from the ground) and must not be tilted. Once the mirrors are up, you will be able to see everything you need to from anywhere in the arena.

We must have a flat surface to glue the mirrors on to. This is achieved by using ¾”   pressure treated plywood. It needs to be at least 76″ tall and the width is determined by how many mirrors you are purchasing. Each sheet is 100″ wide. So, be sure that your wall is at least 3″-5″ wider than the mirrors will be. In addition, it should have 2″x4″ framing on 16″-25″ centers, made from pressure treated lumber.

Once this is completed, we will schedule the crew to come and install your mirrors. They will use a chrome “j” channel at the bottom and ultra bond glue on the back. They will also have clips at the top and chrome “h” bar in the seams. The glue will double as a safety backing.

Because horse arenas are not climate controlled, this is something that cannot be helped, there is no warranty on your mirrors or installation. From time to time, you can expect some minor distortion due to the extreme heat and cold that can occur in different times of the year depending on your location. Your mirrors may also turn black on the edges or show some cloudiness if exposed to moisture. It is entirely up to you on how long your mirrors will last. We recommend covering your mirrors with a waterproof tarp when not in use. Check them regularly to re-attach any loose screws or plywood. Be aware that if the plywood becomes damp or wet it could possibly warp, which in turn could cause the mirrors to become distorted or come loose.

We require a 50% deposit when you place the order, and the balance is due when you are scheduled for installation. Please keep in mind that there is a 4-6 week lead time in most areas of the country.

Please feel free to call or email our friendly staff at any time if you have questions. We look forward to helping you make your dressage arena functional and ready for training. Please refer to our photo album for pictures of some horse arenas we have provided mirrors to in the past.