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Gigantic MirrorsAs you have probably already discovered if you’ve been looking for gym mirrors or dance mirrors that our prices are substantially less than any other glass company. IN FACT, WE ARE SO CONFIDENT THAT YOU WON’T FIND A BETTER PRICE ON THE INTERNET THAT WE EVEN ADVERTISE OUR COMPETITOR SITES DIRECTLY ON OUR SITE!! We sell the same glass they do, from the same manufacturers, always 1st quality 30 year mirror. How do we do it? Well we sell one thing in one size, just “Gigantic mirrors” one size (6′ x 8′) only and we do more of it than anyone in the country . Volume keeps our prices down and experience keeps us efficient. Gym mirrors, dance mirrors, ballet mirrors, karate mirrors, yoga mirrors, dressage mirrors, wall mirrors, whatever activity you’re into, we do it best for less!

Our mission is to supply you with the largest mirror that will go through a door. Sizes vary. Few glass shops are capable of supplying mirrors in huge sizes for dance, yoga, home gym, workout mirrors, equestrian dressage mirrors, wall mirrors, bathroom mirrors and many other uses.

Visit our Mirror Pricing page for more details or just call our office Toll Free at 1-800-473-0619 for your Free Quote.

Don’t have time to call our office? The following diagrams can give you a quick idea of what your cost will be. Simply estimate the width you would like to have mirrored.

These prices include delivery and installation.


Gigantic Mirrors will typically use 6′ tall mirrors and install them just above the electrical outlets (15″-24″ from the floor). Our customers have found this to be cost effective and you can still see head-to-toe anywhere in the room. If you are doing Yoga or Pilates, we will need to use 8′ 4″ tall instead.

  • Please keep in mind that our crews can make 2 complimentary cuts onsite to accommodate your exact dimensions.
  • Additional fees may apply, please see our Mirror Pricing page for complete details.

Call Gigantic Mirrors Today at 1-800-473-0619 for your FREE Quote


Gigantic Mirrors Frequently Asked QuestionsWhy is the price so low? We are the largest mirror purchaser in the United States. Our inventory is based on two specific sizes, therefore our large sales volume allows us to pass the savings on to you. We only buy architectural mirrors therefore, quality is not sacrificed for price. We install chrome edging around all mirrors.

What type of jobs do you do? We welcome residential and commercial business clients, however we specialize in large facilities such as fitness facilities, karate studios, horse arenas, yoga, pilates, gymnastics, cheerleading, beauty salons, bathrooms, and spas.

Do you use local companies or sub-contractors to install my mirrors? No, all installers are employees of Gigantic Mirrors and are trained by the company. They arrive in our trucks with our materials.

Do you have more questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for a complete list of answers to the questions our customers inquire about the most or Contact Us directly!